13/2/2023 Difficulty Escalation, Tweaks

Tweaked the escalation of difficulty one more time, as well as minor bullet mechanics. Fixed a couple bugs from the refactor as well.

Changes include:

  • Decrease maximum meteor spawn frequency.
  • Decreased rate at which meteor maximum speed increases.
  • Set bullet to cooldown upon falling into wormhole.
  • Increased meteor variance.
  • Maximum meteor speeds resets on new run start.
  • Meteors appear in the game over screen again.


PICO-8 Cartridge 17 kB
Feb 13, 2023
Windows 981 kB
Feb 13, 2023
MacOS 3 MB
Feb 13, 2023
Linux 740 kB
Feb 13, 2023
HTML 5 Play in browser
Feb 13, 2023


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