24/4/2023 Multiplayer!

Changes include:

  • Added two player mode.
  • Shift main menu logo to the right just a tiny bit.
  • Make wormhole sprite on main menu center properly and always render on screen.
  • Make stars and wormhole on main menu avoid generating behind logo or menu items.
  • Position of stars and wormhole on main menu randomized on each menu load.
  • Tweak spaceship thruster trail spread.

Notes on two player mode:

  • Player 1 is Green, Player 2 is Blue
  • Player 2 uses the PICO-8's Player 2 controls.
  • Player scores are tracked separately.
  • Player scores are summed for the purpose of setting new high scores.
  • The game ends when either player dies.
  • Bullet explosions have the same iframes for the other player as they do the firing player.
  • Players can collide; the faster player survives, the slower player explodes.


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